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HARUKA patent & trademark attorneys
was established by two partners, Mr. Toshihiko Kanayama and Mr. Yasutaka Iwamoto, with a common dream. Haruka was the 16th corporate body in Japan authorized to do intellectual property work. Today, Haruka proudly brings its unique, total support service program to the Japanese intellectual property world.

Haruka is a ground-breaking international patent firm that handles consultations in wide-ranging intellectual property matters, guiding and protecting its clients from idea inception to patent application and, when necessary, to litigation and related strategies.

At Haruka, our experienced team of patent attorneys has one goal: to provide timely and high-quality services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Through our work, our desire is to contribute to the world of humanity, through the protection of your intellectual property in the most effective ways.

Managing Partner  Yasutaka Iwamoto
Managing Partner  Kuniaki Kawarura
Corporation Profile
Rokubancho SK Bldg. 5th Floor,
3, Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-0085 Japan
Telephone: 81-3-6256-9947
FAX: 81-3-6256-9948
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Kobe Kyukyoryuchi Heiwa Bldg. 5th Floor,
49 Harima-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0036 Japan
Telephone: 81-78-392-3260
FAX: 81-78-392-3261

Our Corporate Structure
     At Haruka, our experienced staff works together closely in diversified fields through many open partnerships. In addition, our corporate structure contributes to the entire firm’s stability, which allows us to provide our clients with long lasting intellectual property protection. This corporate structure facilitates increased resources in both our staff and practice areas, enabling us to provide continually more and ever improving quality services.
Our Workforce
     Haruka’s staff have expertise in diversified areas. All are always working to improve their level of skill through a free discourse in the firm as well as continuing education both inside and outside of the firm. Our patent attorneys are knowledgeable about international law, as well as Japanese law, and they are members of both national and international law and intellectual property associations, including the Japan Patent Attorneys Association, APAA, AIPPI, and LES. In addition, most of our staff is fluent in English, which empowers them to communicate successfully with other countries through the medium of English.
Our Expertise
     As agents, we have long been involved in the development and careful cultivation of inventions. As patent attorneys, we have also been involved for many years in the process of moving an idea along to a patented actuality. Over time, we have accumulated the vast expertise and experience that enables us to extract yet more successful ideas through serious discussions with inventors. Our capabilities for both formulating ideas and shepherding them into successful inventions are well utilized in all the work we do at Haruka such as preparing a better response to the Office Action. Moreover, we have the extensive patent experience, gained through years of application, consultation and litigation, necessary for proposing practical, realistic solutions to minimize the risks of patent infringement upon other companies' patents.
Cooperative Network with Overseas Agents
     Haruka works with many agents abroad, in a network long established by the partners that extends not only to Asia, the United States and Europe, but ranges worldwide. We maintain a close cooperative relationship between these agents around the globe and ourselves, cultivated through daily exchange of information. We can provide prompt services to our clients anywhere in the world through a simple international telephone call. This network makes it possible for Haruka to offer you high-quality intellectual property services on a global level.
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