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Yasuo Fujii Ph.D. Partner
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.14333(2005)
[Practice Areas] Biotechnology (Tissue Engineering, Artificial Organs, Bioreactors, Cell Culture), Materials, Mechanics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Software, Communication etc.
Tatsuya Ina Partner
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.10164 (1991)
[Practice Areas] Semiconductor devices, LCD, OLED, Quartz Vibrator and Electronic components etc.
Yasutaka Iwamoto Managing Partner
Chartered Patent Attorney  Reg. No. 10902(1996)
[Practice Areas] Communication systems, Semiconductor devices, Computer hardware/software, Architecture/Civil engineering, Business methods, Digital/Analog circuits etc.
Kei Kamitani
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.15690 (2007)
[Practice Areas] Mechanical and control systems etc.
Kuniaki Kawamura Managing Partner
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.13615(2004)
[Practice Areas] Communication systems, Computer hardware/software, Digital and analog circuit, Business methods etc.
Takamasa Kitayama
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.18329(2012)
[Practice Areas]Control systems and Mechanical fields etc.
Naoki Matsumura Ph.D.
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.17059(2010)
[Practice Areas]Medical devices, electron microscopes, image processing, semiconductor fabrication apparatus, liquid crystal displays, semiconductor devices (transistor, light emitting devices, laser etc), optical devices.
Kenji Nagano Partner
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.16773(2010)
[Practice Areas]Eectrical, mechanical and Physics related matters etc.
Tadashi Noda Partner
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.13697(2004)
[Practice Areas]Computer software, Control systems, Materials and Mechanical etc.
Takashi Sato Partner
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.15464(2007)
[Practice Areas]Computer software and Control systems etc.
Satoshi Takeshita Partner
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.16391 (2009)
[Practice Areas] Software and Communication systems etc.
Kazuhiko Terauchi
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.14897(2006)
[Practice Areas]Electronic Device (Electronics and Optical Engineering ), Software, Mechanics etc.
Mitsuhiko Toda
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.16138 (2009)
[Practice Areas]Ccomputer software, Control systems and Electronic devices etc.
Misa Yamamoto
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.14365 (2005)
[Practice Areas] Chemistry, particularly chemical products (toiletry products) and material products (optical films) etc.
Kenji Brian T. Yokouchi Ph.D.
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.16189 (2009)
[Practice Areas] Semiconductor devices, electric circuits, materials, and basic research in applied physics and electrical engineering etc.
Jun Nakata
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.21381 (2018)
[Practice Areas] Electronics technology and information communication etc.
Tatsuya Hayashi
Chartered Patent Attorney Reg. No.21685 (2019)
[Practice Areas] Computer software and electronic devices etc.
Dennis M. Hubbs
Registered Foreign Attorney (Gaikokuho Jimu Bengoshi) and member of Hyogo Bar Association
[Practice Areas] Mr. Hubbs is a member of the Virginia Bar and is admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern/Western District of Virginia, and is registered to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office as a Registered Patent Attorney. He handles patent applications for Computer software, Digital/Analog circuits, Semiconductor devices, Display devices etc.
Hirotsuna Yamashita
American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
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